What To Eat On A 100% Protein Diet – Food Log – 2nd August 2013

When it comes to eating a full 100% protein diet, it is extremely challenging to eat out all the time as most of the foods served outside has carbs or vegetables that you cannot run away from.

This is what I had for breakfast yesterday …


Eggs with singles cheese, the shape of the egg is because of the frypan, tasty and not so blend like the normal eggs dishes, easier to eat..


My wife’s concoction of ginseng and something else in Chinese that I cannot remember to lower down the heat in my body that causes bad breath, etc.


This are my daily vitamins and supplements, fish oil and hypercol to lower down my cholesterol, glucosamine for my knees because of too much bootcamp hahaha, and liver supplements for the occasional drinking of wine and beer and last but not least is my multivitamins. Looks like my vitamins are increasing as I age, hmm.. Something to wonder why is this ?

As for lunch …


Sorry about not taking the photo before eating, totally forgot about taking until after a few mouth fills of my wife’s essence of chicken steam fish. It was amazing really. Really need to eat more fishes because the meats can really be tough to eat each day, the key is variety. Oh yes, you need your partner or wife or girlfriend to also be on the same page with you otherwise it would be a lot tougher as well especially when it comes to eating out, and handing over balance food to you when they cannot finish their meal.


Fish ball soup with some other meat type balls or cubes, not too bad but a bit blend for me really but one has to fill the tummy….


Salted fish, my wife’s favorite! Mix that with rice and sambal belachan and magic happens (it was tempting but I did not mix the rice) it was still as good and super spicy…


Then came dinner, my uncle’s 70th birthday, here’s the menu…


I notice that if you are on a protein diet, it is a lot easier to eat during Chinese sit down dinners as there’s loads of dishes you can eat, because there’s just so many varieties of meats to choose from. Unfortunately you don’t have this events ever so often but don’t be tempted to eat the carbs here as it all looks too good. One thing I have observed personally, if you really really want to eat the carbs, take a small tinny winny portion and eat it, most of the time you will stop there as you have satisfied your curiosity. This is if you really really cannot stand the fact of not trying it.


This was the first dish, after which I stopped taking the photo as I was too busy looking out for my kids and also having a small tinny winny drink of beer, whisky and wine which is not a very good mixing strategy…


It was getting late so had to head off home as kids were getting restless and I had bootcamp the next day at 5am… Zzzzz time …

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