The Most Important Thing To Do In A Protein Diet

Before I go into the most important thing in a protein Diet , this was my lunch ….


This was basically tah pow or take away from a mixed rice shop with tofu and meats, the auntie is always looking at me funny when I ask for no rice please, I guess it’s like 1 in a 100. I have been eating here for several times and I notice that the food tend to be similar but they so have like 30 varieties to choose from and it always finishes up very early and by the time I usually arrive about 1:30pm, almost half is empty already.


Ulam is raw leafs plucked from the garden and eaten with sambal belachan. My favorite is chucok which is really tasty and full of flavor.


This is grilled salmon on the frypan without any oil just with salt and pepper.


And to finish off my dinner I had tou fu fah, it’s bean curd like a dessert. So that was my dinner.

So what’s the most important thing to remember in a protein diet? The most important thing is to be drinking at least 2L of water a day and preferably water with lemon to make it alkaline to neutralize the acidic from the proteins. This is key especially before each meal to drink a cup of water and another important point is to have small meals in between your meals, it’s like taking the few dishes that you are having for lunch and breaking it up to two, so you have two dishes for lunch and one for a snack.

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