My Personal Weight Loss Goal

Before I started out bootcamp, I was weighing in about 86 kg and after doing bootcamp together with my blood type diet , I am a O blood type, so it was a full protein diet, incidentally it was also similar to the first two weeks of the eight week challenge diet that you may find on bootcamp sites and around the Internet. My lowest I have gone down to was 78.8kg and even at that weight, my wife was telling me that I should start to eat normal as I looked too thin and not enough flesh. My BMI weight is 74kg so I intend to make that my goal to reach that. The timeline that I am looking to reach that is within 5 months conservatively.

I have yet to check my weight as I plan to do it tomorrow as I just got back from bootcamp and have been drinking loads of water so today is not the best time to weigh in. Tomorrow after the daily download is usually the time I weigh in and will document it in this blog. I also want to show my wife that I can really do it, reaching my 74kg goal. Do you have any weight goals that you want to achieve yourself? I feel that if I don’t have a weight goal, going to bootcamp just ain’t worth the effort. Of course digging in to my favorite foods is one of the other reason bootcamp is a must. Anyway will update this tomorrow and follow on from there…

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