Must Know Facts On Carbo Loading & Also Tips To Do Before A Long Distance Event – Viper 17th August 2013 (Saturday)

This Saturday’s Viper event would be the first official event that I can remember that Ever participated in other then a half marathon that I done years before.

I started to hear the word “carbo loading” in my last boot camp session and decided to do some research on it.

My conclusion after reading numerous articles on it, the must know details on carbo loading is the following:

1- especially important when you expect to be running or working out in a course that would probably be several hours long, therefore with the carbo loading, you would have enough energy throughout the period.

2- you should start carbo loading at least 3 days before the event and don’t over indulge yourself on the night before or the morning of the event as you may suffer indigestion which will not help you in any way.

3- pasta seems to be the biggest favorite especially for the night before the event

4- eat smaller more frequent meals in between the main meals

5- include protein in your diet as it works hand in hand with carbo loading like a good marriage but you may choose to have a larger portion of carbs vs the protein

6- rest or do a brisk workout the day before the event

7- drink sports drinks from the night before as its part of the carbo loading diet, not just in foods but in liquids.

8- during the event, top up your carbs with the easy access of sports drinks along the course

I wished I could take some shots of the obstacles but unfortunately I will not be bringing my iPhone as there are water obstacles and I love my phone too much!! So let’s start the carbo loading exercise because its the easiest thing to do because Malaysian food is full of carbs everywhere.

That’s pretty much it, do comment below on what you feel about what I have written or feel free to add on to what else I may have left out…

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