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Cheapest Lowest Baby Milk Powder Price I Have Seen Dutch Lady Friso 3 Changing Packaging – Aeon Big Subang Jaya

I was at Aeon Big Subang Jaya last night to buy some stuff unrelated to milk powder other then diapers and I did not have to buy milk powder as we had enough to last another week but I was just curious to go and checkout the price of the milk powder and I was shocked, this was what I saw as per the picture below, RM29.90 per can??!! I normally see it going for at least over RM0.50/g and its like RM0.32/g now, something must be wrong, hmm, maybe the expiry date, it’s 2015 April, maybe it’s dented, nope not dented, and finally it dawned on me that they are in the process of changing the packaging.



As you can see the whole rack was filled with milk powder cans, but I bought 26 cans so that was the balance as I purchased a whole year supply for my son who is currently a milk guzzler. There was like another 6 cans left after I purchased as you can see below, oh yeah the new packaging is RM52.90 offer price!! I wonder whether they already cleared the Friso 4 old packaging and whether they are clearing it also at other Aeon Big outlets?

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