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Maybank TreatsPoints Treats points 3 years expire expiration period

I was surprised to hear this news as I actually overheard from a staff who was getting people to sign up for credit cards and we knew each other and met a couple of times, I thought the news may be wrong but it was indeed so correct. I am actually quite disappointed with this news as one of the reasons why I actually signed up for the card was because the points were timeless and there was only Citibank or Maybank to choose from, I remember when Citibank was the only one and I signed up with them and only later on Maybank joined the timeless points, then only I decided to get their card. It is already difficult enough to gather enough points as how much can you spend within 3 years to get a proper gift to redeem? I don’t think their Treatsfair will be so popular anymore in the future as well. And of course a lot of the people would just move to Citibank although Citibank’s points will get more expensive. Oh yes, one more thing, say bye bye to Maybank’s RM1 = 200 points and say hello to RM1 = 250 points . Talk about inflation!!

Sad but true, tell me how you feel about it because it’s a sad day because I have to spend all my points within the next 3 years… tell me how you feel by dropping a comment below.




Dear Maybank Cardmembers,

Effective 1 August 2013, Maybank Credit Card TreatsPoints will have a 3 years expiration period. TreatsPoints earned in a particular month are valid until the end of third (3rd) year of the calendar month. Please find below a sample table depicting the points cumulated and the applicable expiry date:

Year Treat Points Accumulation Treat Points Expiry
Prior to July 2013 Up to 31 July 2013 31 July 2016
2013 1 August 2013 to 31 August 2013 31 August 2016
2014 1 January 2014 to 31 January 2014 31 January 2017

Should you require any clarification, please contact our Maybank Group Customer Care at 1 300 88 6688.