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Easy Method On How To Lose Weight of 10 kg In 2 Months Challenge

I have not written in my blog for sometime now, I have actually gone back to eating normally and naturally my weight has also gone back normally which has increased not reduced. I am still going to MetconX bootcamp training three times a week, one hour per session but still with that and my normal eating habits, my weight seems to continue to go up. I’ve decided that I need to change either my output (which is the exercise) or the input (the food), I believe my exercise is already enough especially with the periodic runs that I am doing so I have decided to adjust my input, thus the food that I consume. I have had previous success with the 8 week diet plan where for 2 weeks you do not eat vegetables and fruits and any fried or sugary foods but I won’t take such a drastic move as I believe fruits and vegetables are still very important especially when it comes to taking too much acidic food like meats alone. So my diet is pretty much going to be the same but excluding all carbohydrate means no rice, noodles, bread. That would already cut almost 80% of the outside food that you see in the marketplace. This is why it is best for me to eat home most of the time otherwise it would be almost impossible to complete this goal of losing 10kgs in 2 months. So I have started to weigh in myself as you can see for the past couple of days. When is the best time to weigh in you may ask? For me, it’s on a day that I am not training in the morning and also after I have already done with my downloading in the toilet. So enough of the details, let’s get to the figures: Target: 74 kg (1st February 2014) To Lose: 10kg 02/12/2013 = 83.7 kg 04/12/2013 = 82.8 kg (-0.9 kg) 06/12/2013 = 82.7 kg (-0.1 kg) 08/12/2013 = 81.9 kg (-0.8 kg) Total (-1.8 kg) Balance (7.9 kg) Well this is my progress so far, will update as I go along, what do you think of this weight loss method? Do tell me your views and comments?

Cheapest Lowest Baby Milk Powder Price I Have Seen Dutch Lady Friso 3 Changing Packaging – Aeon Big Subang Jaya

I was at Aeon Big Subang Jaya last night to buy some stuff unrelated to milk powder other then diapers and I did not have to buy milk powder as we had enough to last another week but I was just curious to go and checkout the price of the milk powder and I was shocked, this was what I saw as per the picture below, RM29.90 per can??!! I normally see it going for at least over RM0.50/g and its like RM0.32/g now, something must be wrong, hmm, maybe the expiry date, it’s 2015 April, maybe it’s dented, nope not dented, and finally it dawned on me that they are in the process of changing the packaging.



As you can see the whole rack was filled with milk powder cans, but I bought 26 cans so that was the balance as I purchased a whole year supply for my son who is currently a milk guzzler. There was like another 6 cans left after I purchased as you can see below, oh yeah the new packaging is RM52.90 offer price!! I wonder whether they already cleared the Friso 4 old packaging and whether they are clearing it also at other Aeon Big outlets?

Do comment if found this post useful or if you want to add to it..


Must Know Facts On Carbo Loading & Also Tips To Do Before A Long Distance Event – Viper 17th August 2013 (Saturday)

This Saturday’s Viper event would be the first official event that I can remember that Ever participated in other then a half marathon that I done years before.

I started to hear the word “carbo loading” in my last boot camp session and decided to do some research on it.

My conclusion after reading numerous articles on it, the must know details on carbo loading is the following:

1- especially important when you expect to be running or working out in a course that would probably be several hours long, therefore with the carbo loading, you would have enough energy throughout the period.

2- you should start carbo loading at least 3 days before the event and don’t over indulge yourself on the night before or the morning of the event as you may suffer indigestion which will not help you in any way.

3- pasta seems to be the biggest favorite especially for the night before the event

4- eat smaller more frequent meals in between the main meals

5- include protein in your diet as it works hand in hand with carbo loading like a good marriage but you may choose to have a larger portion of carbs vs the protein

6- rest or do a brisk workout the day before the event

7- drink sports drinks from the night before as its part of the carbo loading diet, not just in foods but in liquids.

8- during the event, top up your carbs with the easy access of sports drinks along the course

I wished I could take some shots of the obstacles but unfortunately I will not be bringing my iPhone as there are water obstacles and I love my phone too much!! So let’s start the carbo loading exercise because its the easiest thing to do because Malaysian food is full of carbs everywhere.

That’s pretty much it, do comment below on what you feel about what I have written or feel free to add on to what else I may have left out…

What To Eat For a Protein Diet Breakfast Snack and Dinner

I once saw my colleague have a pack of raw eggs on her table when she was trying out the protein diet. It is because the easiest snack would be hard boiled eggs. Eggs are probably the easiest meal when you are on a protein diet and especially true when you try to crack your head on what to eat for breakfast every morning… Here’s what I had …




As you can see, I make a slight exception to certain drinks and food as long as there’s no carbs, so that’s why I am having fresh orange juice and coffee and scramble eggs for breakfast…




I had some pistachios for a snack while watching tv and had tempe, grilled chicken and oyster sauce chicken for dinner…

The Most Important Thing To Do In A Protein Diet

Before I go into the most important thing in a protein Diet , this was my lunch ….


This was basically tah pow or take away from a mixed rice shop with tofu and meats, the auntie is always looking at me funny when I ask for no rice please, I guess it’s like 1 in a 100. I have been eating here for several times and I notice that the food tend to be similar but they so have like 30 varieties to choose from and it always finishes up very early and by the time I usually arrive about 1:30pm, almost half is empty already.


Ulam is raw leafs plucked from the garden and eaten with sambal belachan. My favorite is chucok which is really tasty and full of flavor.


This is grilled salmon on the frypan without any oil just with salt and pepper.


And to finish off my dinner I had tou fu fah, it’s bean curd like a dessert. So that was my dinner.

So what’s the most important thing to remember in a protein diet? The most important thing is to be drinking at least 2L of water a day and preferably water with lemon to make it alkaline to neutralize the acidic from the proteins. This is key especially before each meal to drink a cup of water and another important point is to have small meals in between your meals, it’s like taking the few dishes that you are having for lunch and breaking it up to two, so you have two dishes for lunch and one for a snack.

What To Eat in a 100% Protein Diet and Yet Tasting Good – 4th August 2013

It’s another day in the challenging protein diet in a carbs country. Here’s what I had for breakfast…


This is my green barley wheat drink forced down to me by my wife..apparently this is suppose to increase the alkaline level in my body since I am on a protein diet which is acidic. I am taking this every alternate day..


This is canned minced corn beef with onions without any oil made into burger patties..


This was the balance of the fish ball soup, I did not eat the vegetables though…

Metconx Bootcamp 3rd August 2013

What did we do today , it’s the last session before a one week break for Raya.

We did Turkish getups with the metcon ball for a min and then burpies. Then sits with barpipes. Can’t remember anymore, I think I better log it in immediately after the session. I think my mind automatically shuts off after getting through the session alive. Anyway the session is never the same which is good because you can’t expect what you need to do.

What To Eat On A 100% Protein Diet – Food Log – 2nd August 2013

When it comes to eating a full 100% protein diet, it is extremely challenging to eat out all the time as most of the foods served outside has carbs or vegetables that you cannot run away from.

This is what I had for breakfast yesterday …


Eggs with singles cheese, the shape of the egg is because of the frypan, tasty and not so blend like the normal eggs dishes, easier to eat..


My wife’s concoction of ginseng and something else in Chinese that I cannot remember to lower down the heat in my body that causes bad breath, etc.


This are my daily vitamins and supplements, fish oil and hypercol to lower down my cholesterol, glucosamine for my knees because of too much bootcamp hahaha, and liver supplements for the occasional drinking of wine and beer and last but not least is my multivitamins. Looks like my vitamins are increasing as I age, hmm.. Something to wonder why is this ?

As for lunch …


Sorry about not taking the photo before eating, totally forgot about taking until after a few mouth fills of my wife’s essence of chicken steam fish. It was amazing really. Really need to eat more fishes because the meats can really be tough to eat each day, the key is variety. Oh yes, you need your partner or wife or girlfriend to also be on the same page with you otherwise it would be a lot tougher as well especially when it comes to eating out, and handing over balance food to you when they cannot finish their meal.


Fish ball soup with some other meat type balls or cubes, not too bad but a bit blend for me really but one has to fill the tummy….


Salted fish, my wife’s favorite! Mix that with rice and sambal belachan and magic happens (it was tempting but I did not mix the rice) it was still as good and super spicy…


Then came dinner, my uncle’s 70th birthday, here’s the menu…


I notice that if you are on a protein diet, it is a lot easier to eat during Chinese sit down dinners as there’s loads of dishes you can eat, because there’s just so many varieties of meats to choose from. Unfortunately you don’t have this events ever so often but don’t be tempted to eat the carbs here as it all looks too good. One thing I have observed personally, if you really really want to eat the carbs, take a small tinny winny portion and eat it, most of the time you will stop there as you have satisfied your curiosity. This is if you really really cannot stand the fact of not trying it.


This was the first dish, after which I stopped taking the photo as I was too busy looking out for my kids and also having a small tinny winny drink of beer, whisky and wine which is not a very good mixing strategy…


It was getting late so had to head off home as kids were getting restless and I had bootcamp the next day at 5am… Zzzzz time …

My Personal Weight Loss Goal

Before I started out bootcamp, I was weighing in about 86 kg and after doing bootcamp together with my blood type diet , I am a O blood type, so it was a full protein diet, incidentally it was also similar to the first two weeks of the eight week challenge diet that you may find on bootcamp sites and around the Internet. My lowest I have gone down to was 78.8kg and even at that weight, my wife was telling me that I should start to eat normal as I looked too thin and not enough flesh. My BMI weight is 74kg so I intend to make that my goal to reach that. The timeline that I am looking to reach that is within 5 months conservatively.

I have yet to check my weight as I plan to do it tomorrow as I just got back from bootcamp and have been drinking loads of water so today is not the best time to weigh in. Tomorrow after the daily download is usually the time I weigh in and will document it in this blog. I also want to show my wife that I can really do it, reaching my 74kg goal. Do you have any weight goals that you want to achieve yourself? I feel that if I don’t have a weight goal, going to bootcamp just ain’t worth the effort. Of course digging in to my favorite foods is one of the other reason bootcamp is a must. Anyway will update this tomorrow and follow on from there…