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Easy Method On How To Lose Weight of 10 kg In 2 Months Challenge

I have not written in my blog for sometime now, I have actually gone back to eating normally and naturally my weight has also gone back normally which has increased not reduced. I am still going to MetconX bootcamp training three times a week, one hour per session but still with that and my normal eating habits, my weight seems to continue to go up. I’ve decided that I need to change either my output (which is the exercise) or the input (the food), I believe my exercise is already enough especially with the periodic runs that I am doing so I have decided to adjust my input, thus the food that I consume. I have had previous success with the 8 week diet plan where for 2 weeks you do not eat vegetables and fruits and any fried or sugary foods but I won’t take such a drastic move as I believe fruits and vegetables are still very important especially when it comes to taking too much acidic food like meats alone. So my diet is pretty much going to be the same but excluding all carbohydrate means no rice, noodles, bread. That would already cut almost 80% of the outside food that you see in the marketplace. This is why it is best for me to eat home most of the time otherwise it would be almost impossible to complete this goal of losing 10kgs in 2 months. So I have started to weigh in myself as you can see for the past couple of days. When is the best time to weigh in you may ask? For me, it’s on a day that I am not training in the morning and also after I have already done with my downloading in the toilet. So enough of the details, let’s get to the figures: Target: 74 kg (1st February 2014) To Lose: 10kg 02/12/2013 = 83.7 kg 04/12/2013 = 82.8 kg (-0.9 kg) 06/12/2013 = 82.7 kg (-0.1 kg) 08/12/2013 = 81.9 kg (-0.8 kg) Total (-1.8 kg) Balance (7.9 kg) Well this is my progress so far, will update as I go along, what do you think of this weight loss method? Do tell me your views and comments?